ACH Processing

Alternative processing solutions are always a great tool for merchants because a variety of payment methods attract more customers and increase sales. ACH processing is a great solution for merchants as it typically adds an additional 15-20% of processing volume when customers have ability to pay via ACH in addition to credit and debit card. Optimus offers numerous ACH and check processing solutions for merchants in the low and high-risk space whether they sell online, by mail/phone (MOTO), or retail for face-to-face transactions.

ACH solutions from Optimus include:

  • ACH /eCheck Processing
  • Check & Account Authentication
    • Account Authentication allows real-time validation of your customers bank account and reduces the risk of bounced checks. Our system is connected to the nations largest positive and negative databases in the industry.
  • Identity Verification
    • Using Identity Verification allows real-time verification of your customers identity by matching full name, address, phone, and social security number with the most accurate consumer information available on the market.
  • Micro-Deposit Verification
    • This service allows merchants to place micro-deposits into their customers bank account. Each customer must verify the amounts to further confirm they have the authority to use the bank account, and ensure it’s open and valid.
  • Recurring Billing
    • Set up you recurring customer transaction and select the frequency of their billing cycle. We provide the tools to easily add, delete, or suspend customers from the system.
  • Virtual Terminal
    • This is the ideal way for companies to perform physical submission of one-time or recurring ACH transactions. You only need an Internet connection and a web browser to simply enter customer information on our Virtual Terminal and our system takes care of the rest.
  • Batch Processing
    • Easily upload batch files to our system for daily processing. Batch transmissions can be used for one-time or recurring transactions.
  • API Integrations
    • Connect your check out page for real-time transaction processing. This can be configured to seamlessly integrate the payment processing functions into your online transaction flow so that your customers do not have to directly interact with our payment gateway. This way your customers remain on your website while their financial information is safely and securely forwarded to network. Our technical team has created flexible ways for your to submit transactions. With customizable features our API will work for any business. Fully equipped with tutorials, user guides and manuals that put you in the drivers seat.
  • Gateway Services
  • NSF Check Collections
  • Check Re-Presentment
  • Online Reporting

Businesses should apply online or give us a call to discuss your situation and possible solutions.  Consult directly with one of our account representatives that specializes in placing your type of business.  Let our experienced staff find the solution that is exactly right for you.