Restaurant Merchant Account

If you’re in the restaurant business, you know it’s all about providing exceptional customer service with a economical and easy-to-use processing solution. This includes making it effortless for customers to pay and tip while employees can be efficient. At Optimus, we help support our restaurant partners in keeping their customers happy with our flexible, fast, safe and secure restaurant credit and debit card processing solutions.  Our industry-leading payment processing technology works efficiently behind the scenes so you can offer many convenient payment options your customers will appreciate.

Our merchant accounts for restaurants have the technological capability to provide tip-editing and individual server reporting. Our systems also integrate with most major restaurant management systems. Our flexibility means we can build a system that works for your unique needs, whether you’re an entrepreneur or a franchise.

Optimis will empower your business with the technology, hardware and software, 24/7 technical support, and personalized solutions needed to keep your customers coming back. Apply Today so you can experience our impeccable service and have our experienced merchant account specialists answer any questions you may have!