Retail Merchant Account

Although all retail stores are unique and different, one thing that most have in common is the need for a safe, efficient, economical and easy payment processing system that can handle consumer preferences. Whether your customers prefer credit, debit, EBT, gift card, or checks, Optimus makes it all possible and seamless.

With a Optimus Retail Merchant Account, your company’s payment processing systems will run efficiency and securely. Our payment systems will enhance your business flow, so that your management and staff will be able to focus on interacting with customers and keeping the business in shape while we take care of your processing. In other words, we do our job so you can do yours!

We offer competitive pricing options and you can choose from our extensive payment services, including: reliable point-of-sale (POS) credit card processing systems, kiosk processing, recurring payment capabilities, real-time access to transaction and batch history, and as always, 24/7/365 technical support.

Find out why we’re the payment processing company for so many retail stores-large and small-nationwide! When you sign up with Optimus, we’re not only your payment processor, but we’re also your partner for life. Apply Today so you can experience our impeccable service and have our experienced merchant account specialists answer any questions you may have!