eCommerce & Online Payment Gateways

eCommerce Gateways provide the interface between your Website shopping cart and your merchant account. Optimus utilizes three different gateways allowing for compatibility with over 100 shopping carts and software programs.  Online payment solutions enable you to easily provide customers with more payment options and safer transactions for a more satisfying shopping experience.  At the same time, you’ll be able to increase revenue, reduce costs and minimize risks—to realize your full business potential.  Gateways provide advanced payment capabilities for large companies, as well as robust but simple payment solutions for small to mid-sized businesses.


  • All major credit cards, debit cards, EBT, gift/loyalty cards, checks and private label cards.
  • Supports numerous merchant accounts within one gateway for complete load balancing.
  • Customizable reporting features with real time transaction reporting.
  • Will accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diners Club


  • User friendly security and reporting functions make this transaction processing software a premium one-stop solution.
  • Real time or batch transaction processing.
  • Meets all compliance standards for Visa and MasterCard Electronic Commerce.
  • Easy integration with QuickBooks™ via SyncPay, which is a QuickBooks™ Plug-In.
  • Integrates with over 100 shopping carts and CRMs.

Security with Fraud Protection Plus

  • CVV2 reduces chargebacks and fraudulent cards by verifying that the card values on the front match those on the back of the card.
  • AVS (Address Verification Service) function will verify the card holders address.
  • User name and password protection provides controlled permissions to confidential.
  • Data file encryption allows protection for the consumer’s credit card account numbers and expiration dates in the database.