High Risk Merchant Account & Credit Card Processing

Optimus has direct relationships with banks around the world – the cornerstone of competitive trouble free processing for our customers. Optimus's specialty is providing merchants with high-risk businesses secure merchant account solutions for dependable card processing.

We offer niche market businesses and online merchants the opportunity to process payments in industries where their individual credit history is questionable or their business type is deemed higher risk.  Businesses seen as high-risk typically incur higher chargebacks due to the card-not transactions performed and may also have billing models that raise the exposure to customer disputes, such as recurring and continuity models. Furthermore, a high-risk or online merchant may be subject to rules concerning the trade of certain products, which include not trading to restricted countries, age verification, anti-fraud technology, and disclosure of shipment content as requested by international laws and regulations. As insurance, Optimus offers high-risk merchants a form of protection for rejected payments and proactive Chargeback Intercept protection services, while ensuring credit acceptance and continuous processing services. Optimus's chargeback intercept solutions help mitigate both fraudulent and non-fraudulent customer disputes, which can lower chargebacks by 30% if used efficiently and correctly. These programs help maximize coverage to rid as many chargebacks as possible while keeping the merchant account(s) healthy and in good standing, as well as helping avoid financial losses related to lost goods and services.

Our bundled payment gateways and merchant processor solutions offer an all-in-one service where you get the payment gateway and the merchant processor together.  The advantage here is that you do not have to manage two or more separate accounts.

Customized Account Features

  • Online Payment Gateway:  A custom gateway is provided with each merchant account and Optimus uses a wide range of different gateways allows for compatibility with hundreds of payment gateways and software programs.  Each Internet/e-commerce account comes with a PCI secure gateway and has a virtual terminal that allows you to personally key in transactions when you login, so you will have the ability to take orders over the phone or by mail (MOTO), you can track transactions, see monthly volume, view real-time reports, and a host of other business parameters.
  • Multi-Currency Processing: Merchants have the option of accepting payments in 160 different currencies.  They can also receive payouts in most major currencies without incurring major currencies conversion fees. This is very significant to businesses who have campaigns running in more then one country so their customers are comfortable while paying in their home currency.
  • SSL Processing:  As part of PCI DSS requirements, all our merchant accounts are provisioned for secure SSL payment processing.
  • Live Support: Optimus's Account Specialists are available 24/7 to answer your questions and attend to any technical problem.
  • Risk Mitigation and Fraud Protection Services:  Running your business and servicing your customers is a full time job.  Optimus takes care of the details behind the scenes, providing top-notch fraud protection services.  From verifying your orders to blocking fraudulent customers and mitigating fraud and non-fraud chargebacks, we help keep your fraud and chargebacks low!

Factors relating to type of product, credit history, financial stability of the owner and/or business, business/billing model, or past processing history can all play roles in the solution offered, as well as the rate and which bank will be used.  Understanding the root problem and addressing it accordingly with full disclosure can mean success or failure when presenting a new application.  Optimus specializes in building your application package to help underwrite have a full understanding of the business profile, along with being able to see more reasons to approve the account then to decline, which allows the Optimus team to craft payment solutions that suit your business needs. Regardless of business type, credit history, monthly volume or processing history, we will have your merchant account approved quickly and keep it running smoothly.

Businesses categorized as High-Risk should Apply online or give us a call to discuss your situation and possible solutions.  Consult directly with one of our account representatives that specializes in placing your type of business.  Let our experienced staff find the solution that is exactly right for you.

Optimus is always ready to help you Take the First Step in the right direction. Apply Online Today!