Gift and Loyalty Cards

Optimus provides secure gift and loyalty cards for your business, regardless of the size, from single-store mom-and-pop shops to on-the-move, 100+ location franchises. We can help your business take advantage of the many cash generating, brand loyalty, advertising and promotion benefits of what has become the most rapidly-growing (and fun to use) merchant product of all time. Gift and loyalty cards act as a miniature “billboard” in your customer’s wallet, and works simply by debiting pre-paid balances as the card is used – encouraging repeat visits and limiting cash refunds. You can track sales, manage purchases securely, and get rid of those outdated paper gift certificates! We offer superior risk management and PCI compliance as well as the breadth and depth of experience to help your business branch out. As many companies are already aware, gift and loyalty cards for your business are an inexpensive way to build your business organically, and Optimus has the tools to make it possible.